Goodman Consulting Provides Construction Defect Expert Services in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, & Colorado Springs

Paul, Dave, and Elizabeth focus on bringing their past experience and current building and construction practice to perspicuously resolve disputes and shed light on hard-to-solve-problems.

Often getting to the root of a problem with your structure can be filled with uncertainty. We assist attorneys, homeowners, adjusters, and contractors in discovering the cause of their issue; we also quantify the damages and provide all needed documentation along the way.

We are your construction expert witness, construction defect expert, residential & commercial roof inspector, and umpire services provider in Oklahoma CityTulsa & Colorado Springs. From simple “state of the property” reporting to complex material failure support, we’ll have your back for as long as you need us.

In most cases, you only have one shot to present your side before a decision or judgement is made. Make that shot count the most by hiring us: our reporting is, on average, four times more detailed than the “other guy’s”, with citations, photos and drawings used to illustrate complex concepts in ways the average joe can easily understand.

Oklahoma Natural Gas
Starr Companies
Tristar Risk Management
Numerous High Net Worth individuals
Chubb Insurance
AmTrust Group